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          The Industria de Madeiras Gaspari LTDA (Timber Industry) started activities in 1966 in the county of Marema-SC in Brazil. The firm was then known as “Irmãos Gaspari” and the partners were: Santo Gaspari, Angelo Gaspari, Antonio Gaspari and Desiderio Gaspari.

          Since then the enterprise expanded and branch stores were created: Posto Gaspari LTDA, Granja Gaspari LTDA, Transportadora Gaspari LTDA, Madeireira Sul LTDA, Madeireira Sinop-Bras Norte LTDA, Madeireira São José do Cedro LTDA, Hotel e Fazenda Gaspari LTDA, located in different states and municipalities of Brazil. This brought the development and decentralization for better meeting the needs of our clients and partners.

          By the end of the year of 1999 the Gaspari Group was divided and the INDUSTRIA E COMERCIO DE MADEIRAS GASPARI LTDA, that was one of the branch stores of the group, turned into the head office and was named INDUSTRIA DE MADEIRAS GASPARI LTDA. Since than it entered the international commerce.

          Due to its growth, good reputation and market solidity the sells increased significantly and with a great concentration of deals in the south of Brazil. The brand was recognized all over the country. The INDUSTRIA DE MADEIRAS GASPARI LTDA became a reference in manufacture, production and exportation of timber products such as: plywood, hardwood and doors.

          Nowadays the enterprise exports to many countries in Europe such as: Belgium, England, Germany, Scotland, Italy and Spain. In Americas it exports to: United States, Caribe, Puerto Rico and Canada.


Indústria de Madeiras Gaspari LTDA - 41 years!


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